Foscam R2 Review to Get Wider Overview before Purchasing It. Foscam R2 review here is trying to help you to get wider overview about this security camera. Hopefully, after reading this review, you get better insight and decide well to install this camera at home.

Checking Your Precious Assets Much Easier

By installing Foscam R2, you will get more access to your precious assets anywhere you want even if you are far away from your assets. You will be helped with the instant access from their official website and mobile application. As the result, you can control everything including your house, children, pets, and many more.
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Compact Design Security Camera

The design is also great in which you can install Foscam 2 anywhere around the building especially in the strategic spots. The compact design doesn’t reduce the performance. One of interesting parts is that you can talk to your children on the camera. It’s just like when you are doing video call. The resolution and sound are clear and smooth enough. Plus, there is enough storage to save the condition of the surrounding for free.

Supportive Features

One of interesting part about reading Foscam R2 review is learning about the features. Foscam R2 is also supported by several great features. For example, it is not a problem if you want to control your house at night or in low light condition because of the night vision feature. Moreover, you can also see something clearly and even closely along with sophisticated digital zoom. Alarm is responsive enough and still it is able to prevent false alarm because of wind, rain, or any kind of condition which trigger false alarm.

Affordable Monthly Fees with Additional Benefits

Along with the specification above, Foscam R2 is still offered in affordable monthly fees. Even, you still get more storage option, SD card, and easy way to send and store videos. There is also additional local hard drive and cloud service.

What You Need to Consider

Due to the sophisticated technology installed on this product, some users still have to face minor problems. It seems that the manufacturer needs to consider about the first time connection. The users said that it turn black on their phone in the first connection but than it back to normal. One more thing to consider is about its automatic system. It seems that the users have to readjust it based on their need and it takes their time especially if they don’t know how to handle this security camera well.

Hopefully, this information helps you to decide whether you should install it or not. But due to the positive Foscam R2 review and minor problems you may check the product detail and add to your shopping cart.