Foscam R2 Review, Compact Security Camera with Remarkable Video Quality Foscam R2 review will tell you all the best things you can expect from this security camera. In this era, home security camera is an inevitable part of your life, especially if you are living in a place with higher criminal rate. But actually, this camera is not only useful to prevent crime since you can also use it to monitor your kids or pets at home and also as a baby camera. If you want to know more about this camera, which is one of Foscam’s masterpiece, here are some of its best points.

Convenient Monitoring

This is a plug and play device so it doesn’t require any expensive or complicated installation. Simply put the camera in the place you want, download the Foscam application to your smartphone and the camera is ready to record. You also can monitor the recording real time from your smartphone.
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It comes with 2-Way Talk feature so not only you can monitor your house, the person you are monitoring can also listen to your voice. Furthermore, the pan/tilt feature can be controlled remotely via your smartpone. Simply adjust the setting, and you can monitor everything within 300/100 degree radius.

Excellent Video Quality

Next, this Foscam R2 review will discuss the most appreciated feature of this security camera which is the remarkable video quality. The camera will serve you recordings with 1080p detail and FHD resolution @ 25 FPS. It also comes with Advanced WDR features. As a result, it will automatically correct dark faces when the light in the room is currently too strong.

The night vision is also extremely commendable. This product is equipped with enhanced night vision that can capture object clearly up to 26 feet. With this camera, you will never see any blurry scenes anymore even though the room is very dark.

Easy Storage Option

A security camera definitely needs good amount of storage to store all the recordings and this product provides exactly that. The internal storage is huge and will be more than enough to save any videos you want. But if you need some extra storage, this security camera also comes with SD card slot so you can add the amount of storage anytime you want and access it conveniently. All those options are free, there is no need to pay exorbitant monthly fee or contract as in traditional security cameras.

Physical storage is indeed cheaper but it is not the safest. If the camera is stolen or burnt in an accident, you are going to lose all the recordings. So, if you want to take extra safety measures to protect your recording data, you should purchase Foscam’s Cloud storage plan. The cloud service is secure, both cyber and physically. In almost every FoscamR2 review, you will find that the cloud service is certainly one of the best features of this product.

If you purchase this plan, not only your recordings will be safe from accidents, no one but you can access the data you save there. You can easily search, download and even delete the videos stored in your cloud account. 30 days trial is available so you can find out whether the service is up to your expectation before you need to pay for it.

So, are you interested to buy this security camera? Overall, this is an excellent security camera with features that can easily compete with more expensive models. The only drawback about this model is it can only be used indoor since it doesn’t come with weather protection system. But if you need an outdoor camera, the brand has still plenty other models for you to chosoe. Hopefully you can make the right decision after reading this Foscam R2 review.